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The Industrial Automation and Mechatronics Training & Assessment Center

MTC, which is the first TESDA accredited Mechatronics and Instrumentation Training and Assessment Center in the Philippines since 2005, will be implementing the recently promulgated competency based training program which requires a good combination of 35% lecture and 65% hands-on practicum.

MTC as HMI and SCADA Company
We specialized in Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Controls & Data Acquisition (SCADA), which are the ultimate solutions to all concern regarding total plant monitoring, supervisory control and production and maintenance management. MTC through it’s allied ISO Certified Company, the INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS CORPORATION (ICC), has undertaken many projects on PLC Netwroking, PLC Based Process Control and Energy Conservation System.

MTC Training Kits and Equipments

These are pictures of our Training Kits and Equipments used on our various trainings, seminars and assestments.

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MTC Assestment Pics

These are the actual pictures on Electrical Installation & Maintainance NCIII Assestment.

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